Step 2: Personal Financial Management Workshop

This financial management workshop assists participants in goal-setting, maintaining and using financial documents and recordkeeping systems to aid in responsible financial decision making. The workshop also contains insight into debt warning signs and personal credit analysis. It is structured in three topics: Budget Development, Money Management, and Wise Use of Credit.  Each participant will navigate through the topics and reviews. All sections must be completed to receive a certificate. As you complete a section it is checked off the master list. Using your username and password you can return to the program as many times as needed to complete the sections. Upon completionof the outlines and a Financial Literacy Test, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant.

If you are purchasing as a married couple you will receive two Order ID's and will need to view the workshop separately to receive credit.  (Each person will register and take the course as an individual).

Fees: $25.00 INDIVIDUAL          $50.00 per COUPLE (filing jointly)

 Total Fee Waivers:  are availabel to those whose filing fee from the Bankruptcy Court is waived. Contact Comprehensive Credit Counseling at 1-800-288-6581.       

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