Step 2: Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Consultation
Our counselors shall provide you with a Comprehensive Credit Counseling Budget Analysis. This analysis shall include 90 minutes of data entry, financial review of information provided and discussion of your Budget Analysis.  
  1. Pay stubs for all those in the household.              
  2. Documentation on all income received in the household, i.e. Social Security, food stamps, utility assistance, child support, etc.              
  3. Average or budget amounts for all utilities paid per month.              
  4. Balance and payment information on all debts whether or not you intend to include the debt in the Bankruptcy proceeding.              
  5. Monthly insurance premiums not deducted from your pay stub.

  6. Upon completion of the Pre-Filing input form applicants schedule a time with Comprehensive Credit Counseling to review information submitted over the phone and receive analysis of their financial position. After this review, applicants shall be issued a certificate in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code and a copy of their Budget Analysis will be shared with their Bankruptcy Attorney in the event they choose to file.   
  • $25.00 single applicant              
  • $50.00 married applicants with one household              
  • Married applicants with two households will be treated as two single applicants (please, order two single filings)     
  • Total Fee Waivers are availabel to those whose filing fee from the Bankruptcy Court is waived. Contact Comprehensive Credit Counseling at 1-800-288-6581.       
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